Jemma Holdings currently possesses in-depth experience and expertise in the following areas.


Energy is an integral part of any economy and thus any country. In order for a country to be a successful world citizen, security of energy supply can be placed at the centre of its strategic endeavours.

Under Energy Infrastructure and Services resides Transmission and Distribution Substations, Transmission and Distribution Lines, Switching Stations, Renewable Energy Plants, DC Traction Substations, Overhead Track Equipment (OHTE) and Electrical Reticulation Network.

Jemma possesses an in-depth ability in the design, execution and commissioning of energy related projects and services.

  • Key Resources: The key resources at the company’s disposal include highly-skilled Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Structural Engineers, Protection and SCADA Specialists, Project Managers, Contract Managers, Construction Managers, Site Supervisors, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, Foremen, Qualified Artisans, Electricians including highly sought-after Master Electricians, Three-Phase Wiremen and Single-Phase Wiremen.
  • Qualifications: Qualifications possessed by the key resources include various Masters and Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering and Management, Registration with various Professional bodies including Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP), Project Management Institute (PMI) and Master, Three-phase and Single-phase Electrician registration, as well as trade-tested Electrician Certification.
  • Experience: The resources have decades’ experience in the deployment of energy-related projects and services. The energy-related projects and services include the design, supply, construction, commissioning, refurbishment and maintenance of Electrical Substations and Switching Stations, Traction Substations and Overhead Track Equipment, Transmission and Distribution Lines, Renewable Energy Plants, Overhead and Underground Electrical Reticulation, Medium and Low Voltage Cable Infrastructure, Area and Street Lighting, Medium and Low Voltage Cabling Infrastructure, Low and Medium Voltage Service Connections and Electrical Building Services, including Air conditioning and Generators.